Our collaborators have extensive experience in Télécoms business and allow us to provide experience in the management, rationalization and optimization of their costs in a more competitive context.

We also perform performance audits of the telephone reception in order to improve the relationship with customers.

We offer:

  • Audit and optimization of fixed, mobile and data telephony costs.
  • Control, analysis and rationalization of telecommunication costs.
  • Responses to tenders for WAM, IP, mobile and fixed network operators.
  • Management of deployment projects in WAN, IP, mobile and fixed networks.

Metassistance accompanies you in the management and reduction of your operator costs.


TEM (Télécom Expense Manager) covers all the links between fixed, mobile, data and proposes the following features:

  • The management of the actors in the telecommunications park (lines and material).
  • Import and control of electronic invoices of the different operators.
  • Instrument panel edition.
  • Editing query results.
  • Help tools to optimize costs.
  • Analytical cost ventilation.

We have a unique solution behind the PABX or IPBX interface, and it is compatible with the invoices of the operators.


Metassistance accompanies in the management of operators’ tenders.

Our offer is presented in 4 parts.

  • Audit
  • Writing evaluation folder.
  • Analysis of offers.
  • Billing tracking.


Mission of optimization of telecommunication costs.


  • Make the inventory of telephony operator resources.
  • Execute the audit of tariff conditions of the contracts in course and of their correct application.
  • Identify the possible sources of savings and value them.

Make the analysis reports available.


  • By call source according to directory and organization.
  • By call destination (National, special, GSM, international).
  • Calls by the VPN (inter-site calls offline).
  • By operator.
  • By lot.

Traffic analysis:

  • Number of calls per inter-site faces.
  • Analysis of occupations of public and private aspects.
  • Detection of saturation periods of public and private faces.

Tips and recommendations:

  • Identification of savings axes.
  • Rationalization of resources by elimination of useless subscriptions (measurement of operator access).
  • Line or material not used.
  • Services billed twice.
  • Inscriptions not suitable for use.


Assistance in drafting requirements for tenders with operators.


  • Make the inventory of resources for telephony operator.
  • Define the usage profiles for the different tender lots.
  • Drafting of different documents necessary for the publication of the tender (CCTP, DCE, Analysis grid, etc.)

We develop methodical tools for response analysis.

  • Definition of selection criteria
  • Classification and evaluation of criteria.
  • Elaboration of response analysis grid.

Definition of the expertise strategy

  • The type of business (scenario contract, contract with limited purchase orders, contract with unlimited purchase orders, delegation of public service …).
  • Type of procedure (Open, Restricted, Competitive dialogue …).
  • Procedure calendar.
  • Contract details, duration of the guarantee, duration of the maintenance contract.
  • Modalities of penalties for opening delays, recovery time due to incidents.
  • The data and the billing format.
  • Payment terms (Advances, prepayments), payment limits, (to the purchase order, to the shipment, the start-up, after the approval period).
  • Modalities of public consultation.