Our experience in the construction of VDI infrastructures and networks allows us to execute the creation of a project, the renovation of a building or to intervene the project later to audit its execution and propose optimizations in its structures.

The systems of its construction will be safer and more efficient:

  • We design your networks, IT rooms and data centers according to the demands and needs of your company or organization. Your buildings will have integrated systems in a harmonious way to ensure their effectiveness.
  • The security of your buildings will allow you to control situations to avoid possible risks, evaluate and respond in a timely manner to the presence of threats such as: intrusion, fire and industrial risks among others.


  • Define the architecture.
  • Consider the wiring rules and standards.
  • Quantify the number of points to distribute.
  • Identify and position the technical rooms.
  • Define the points of use of reliable currents and strong currents.
  • Take into account the data collected to size the technical rooms.
  • Calculate the energy consumption and the need to air condition.
  • Position the wiring paths.
  • Implement the bays and configuration.


We perform an audit in order to qualify and quantify the needs, fiber, copper, energy.

Case study, identification of technical rooms and work to be done. Dimensioning of fiber, copper, termination points.

Partial, regular or long-term validation in the course of the project allows a better reaction, and has the advantage of modifying in stages the validated qualified network.

We developed a control panel on the progress and the release of payments.

Frequently the renewal of wiring is done in a busy environment. We organize work in staggered schedules, either by positioning a temporary LAN to ensure business continuity.

The wiring diagram is used to implement the engineering rules.

It must define:

  • The number of regulations.
  • Creation of the wiring architecture.
  • Principles and bases of infrastructures.
  • Positioning of elements in the bays.
  • Control, validation and localization records.
  • Guarantee.
  • Documentation (DOE).
  • Reception.
  • Interaction of functional elements.
  • Unified local techniques.
  • General local techniques.
  • Local plant techniques.
  • Copper.
  • Optical fiber.
  • End equipment (bands and connectors).
  • Cables and connectors.
  • Warnings and links of the cabinets.
  • Job positions.
  • Consolidation points.
  • Electric power and protection of the workplace.
  • Intrusion detention.
  • Access control.
  • Video surveillance.
  • Fire detection.


Wiring audit order in view of a migration in ToIP


  • Make the inventory of the technical room.
  • Carry out a present wiring audit to verify the adequacy by implementing a ToIP solution.
  • Write a complete report to allow the client to select the migration strategy.

Inventory of the technical room

Our team carried out a precise and detailed census of the technical room.

  • Implementation of technical bays.
  • Analysis of the use of public and private aspects.
  • Update plans.

Wiring audit.

  • Conduct continuity tests.
  • Conducting connectivity tests.

Edition of analysis reports.

  • Provision of plans for each room.
  • Provision of test results.
  • Provision of an analysis report with recommendations on when to implement the migration strategy.
  • Provision of a budget report to update the wiring area.